Chocolate sponge cake…..

Chocolate sponge cake…..

I am following recipe from Neeta Mehta cookery book with little modification suggested by my MIL .

This is the first cake i baked :) . First time, I made it for my hubby’s birthday. As I didn’t have time to go out shopping for him, I thought of surprising him by a cake. But when I started making it, I realized that I didn’t have enough eggs with me.So I called my front door neighbour and friend P, she not only gave me eggs, but came to see if I was doing it alright.

And thank god she came, because it was she who noticed that I had used Rice flour in place of Maida!!!! So, I discarded the flour and started again from scratch.

But now I am pretty confident with this cake, and make it very often. I have also replaced maida with whole wheat flour for health reasons

Hubby’s birthday cake – The 1st cake i baked…


Eggs – 4 medium sized
Powdered Sugar – 1¼ Cup
Whole Wheat flour – 1 Cup (you can use Maida, but I find this healthier and tastier 🙂 )
Cocoa Powder – ½ cup (I use cadbury’s cocoa powder)
Baking powder – ½  tspoon
Mitha Soda – a pinch
Oil – ¾ cup
Vanilla essence – 1 tspoon


1) Sieve the flour, Baking powder, Mitha soda and cocoa powder together using a sieve (or you can simply mix them with your hands).
2) Break egg and keep egg whites separate from yolk.
3) Now, put egg whites in food processor and run it on low speed. (if you don’t want to use it then use beater to beat egg whites)
4) Add sugar to food processor and continue to run it. (in place of food processor beater can be used)
5) Add Vanilla essence.
6) Add the flour little by little while still running the food processor. (If not using food processor, fold it using a wooden spoon a little by little)
7) Add Egg yolk. Let it mix well and stop food processor. (Use the beater if not using food processor)
8) If you find the consistency of the batter too thick then you can add a little milk or fresh cream and then mix well.
9) Pre-heat the oven at 180 degree C.
10) Grease a baking tin using oil and flour. Remove extra flour from the greased tin. (Or you can use butter paper as well.)
11) Pour the batter in the baking tin.
12) Bake it in the oven for 30 minutes or till the knife comes out clean. (You can put a knife in the cake and if it comes out clean that means the cake is ready.)
13) Take it out on a wire rack and let it cool. 

Decorate if you wish to and cut it and enjoy it 🙂


    1. Got it 🙂
      You can replace eggs with curd or milk maid (condensed milk)…But i have never tried making eggless cake as i want to feed as many eggs as possible to Zini 🙂
      I'll send you the recipe of eggless cake on your mail 🙂

    1. Thanks Nilu 🙂
      It was for hubby's b'day, so i had to do something special 🙂

  1. Plz tell eggless cake recipe..I have tried small cakes in cup. My dad loves cakes and is diebetic but sometimes for his cravings go on for those high caloried sugary cream cakes in market.. So can u plz tell me an eggless version+sugarfree..can honey be a good replacement for sugar and will it make fluffy?
    I made with the natura sugarfree but it didn't fluffed like the normal sugar cake.. Plz help. And ur recipes looks yumm I saw this blog for first time..

  2. Hi, Thank you for the useful information. I tried Nigella s cloud cake in the microwave but the cake came out flat. Can you tell what went wrong.

    1. Hey Anon, thanks for dropping by..
      I can't be too sure why it happened. But still here is my 2 cents.
      Was the texture of the cake good? was it like a cake or was it very dense?
      If the texture was good but the cake was flat then your cake pan might be too big for the recipe.
      If the texture too was bad then i would hazard a guess that probably your baking powder or soda was not good enough or you didn't beat it enough.
      Hope this helps..

    1. Hey Hazel, sorry for the later reply. I wasn't around.
      If you skip adding baking powder or mitha soda you will get a dense cake and it won't rise. So the texture of the cake will be all messed up and not like a cake.
      How is your bread baking going on?

  3. ma'am would you plz tell how to bake a cake in whirlpool microwave oven AT245 ?

    1. maam I too have Whirlpool AT245. It does not have temp settings. It has power levels like 400watt, 550watt, 700watt and 900watt. I am feeling helpless. Is there any connection between power levels and temp. How to cook please guide me.

    2. Author

      Hi Maanvi, the watt settings are for microwave. There is no corresponding temperature setting. I haven't really worked on this MW oven, but if I have to guess then I would say that try pressing oven/ convection button multiple times and see if something happens. Or even pressing the button and holding it for 20-30 seconds to see if it has any effect. My guess is that either you would be able to set temperature by pressing the oven/convection button itself multiple times or by using the same button/wheel that sets watt, after pressing the button. What does your manual say? Have you tried calling whirlpool customer care for help? i hope this solves your problem..

    3. Thank u so much for response. I tried everything. The convection is always on high side and my cookies burnt. Called customer care as well but they don't understand it.

  4. Hi, Please tell the baking temperature after preheating (12th Point).

    1. Author

      Baking temperature is same as pre heating temperature – 180 degree C.

  5. i want to buy a second hand oven specially for baking biscuits and cakes at home.
    should i get an otg or convection microwave

    1. Author

      If your purpose is only baking then go for OTG. But if you want the microwave functions too, like re heating, low oil cooking, quick blanching and boiling then consider buying a microwave with convection mode. Though let me warn you that not all microwave with convection mode do good job at baking. Mine does though. You can check out my Baking for beginners post to know more about what all can be cooked in what mode.
      I would suggest you do a little market survey before buying. All the best and happy baking..
      Here is the link to my baking for beginners post..

  6. Skipped Soda…. What will happen? I'm waiting… 29 mins more JM

    1. Author

      I had taken a blogging break, so couldn't reply. I am sure by now you know what would happen. But as you asked let me reply 🙂 Soda (basic in nature) and cocoa powder (Acidic in nature) when mixed in a wet batter react and create gas bubbles that help in rising the cake and makes it more spongy. anyways in this recipe you use baking powder (Which is combination of both base and acid) hence you still get some rise and spongy ness. but adding soda would have made more soft and spongy 🙂

  7. hi..i have followed your recipe with correct measurements…but unfortunately the upper portion of the cake was hard and the inside of the cake was not cooked at all…i dont know what went wrong…i am using a convection microwave.
    please help!!

    1. Author

      hey sorry for the late reply, i was on a break. This may happen if your oven got over heated, or the baking tin wasn't round or it was too small for the batter. To avoid such a problem plz follow the following points:
      1) reduce the temperature of the oven and increase the baking time.
      2) Keep a rose nail in the center of your baking tin if not using a circular tin or the tin is a bit small. This is how a rose nail looks like :
      hope this helps..

  8. Hi – is the 30 minutes baking time in microwave?

  9. Hi,
    When to add oil in the recipe? Can i bake this in a round alluminium bowl?

  10. Hi …i am baking for the first time. Can you tell me what's the difference between baking powder and meetha soda. What's the English name of meetha soda? Plz help me…. I am lil confused.

  11. Thanks 🙂
    Today i tried this cake recipe and it tastes good

  12. Hi!…I followed ur recipe and the cake was delicious.It was my first attempt in baking.everyone in my family loved it.The came out so well the crust was crispy and inside was so soft and fluffy. Ur recipe is amazing,will try all your other cake recipes

  13. Hi!…I followed ur recipe and the cake was delicious.It was my first attempt in baking.everyone in my family loved it.The came out so well the crust was crispy and inside was so soft and fluffy. Ur recipe is amazing,will try all your other cake recipes

  14. Hi!…I followed ur recipe and the cake was delicious.It was my first attempt in baking.everyone in my family loved it.The came out so well the crust was crispy and inside was so soft and fluffy. Ur recipe is amazing,will try all your other cake recipes

  15. hi, thanks for the recipie . i too tried it ,it worked out except the top of the cake looked very dark. have you used any of the low or high ouartz rack to place the cake tin?

  16. for baking cake its said to preheat the oven at convection for 3 min and then bake for 30 min..
    after preheating the oven at convection should we bake the cake in normal mode or should we bake the cake in convection mode..
    plz help mmm confused

  17. After pre-heat in 180 degree how much time to bake and on what temperature….

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