Farmhouse Club Sandwich

Farmhouse Club Sandwich

I posted this recipe in TGND‘s post on sandwiches.As i said there, we had it at the Ice station in hyderabad and we loved it. They have a kind of open kitchen, so could see the sandwich being assembled and realized that it’s very easy to make, so made it at home and it was as good as they come 🙂

Try it out, it’s easy to make and tastes great 🙂

Also, you get a chance to sneak in capsicum and this is very healthy, complete meal with dairy protien (Cheese), Carbs (Bread and potato) and veggies (tomatoes, capsicum, corriander)…

Farmhouse Club Sandwich
Farmhouse Club Sandwich

Ingredients: (To make 4 Sandwiches)

12 Bread Slices (I use brown bread, you can use whichever bread you like)

3 Medium sized boiled potatos, peeled and cut into small pieces

3 Medium sized Onions (Finely cut or cut or cut in slices, whatever you prefer. i prefer finely cut)

3 Medium sized tomatoes (again i prefer finely cut, you can do slices if you want)

1 Big (Or 2 small) capsicum (My choice Finely cut or cut, but slices also tastes good)

4 Cheese Cubes, grated

Green Chutney



Black Pepper

Chaat Masala (Optional)


1) Take a slice of bread, apply butter and chutney on it. then put tomato, onion and capsicum and cheese on that bread slice. Sprinkle Salt, Black Pepper and Chaat Masala on it.

2) Take another slice of bread, apply butter and chutney on both the sides of the slice and cover the 1st bread slice with this one.

3) Now on the 2nd bread slice, put potatoes, tomatoes, onions and grated cheese. Sprinkle Salt, Black Pepper and Chaat Masala on it.

Bread Slice with the stuffing
 Bread Slice with the stuffing

4) Take another bread slice, apply butter and chutney on this one as well and cover the sandwich.

5) Toast it in OTG or tawa or sandwich maker, a club sandwich is ready in jiffy.

You can serve it with Potato chips and Ketchup :)


1) If you are watching weight then you can skip butter and Cheese, i won’t say it tastes equally good, but nevertheless, it tastes good…

2) I use food processor to finely cut Onions, Tomatoes and Capsicum.

3) To make it healthier, you can use the multi-grain bread.


    1. Thanks Nilu 🙂
      You can even take your kiddo's help in assembling the sandwiches!! And he will definitely love eating them 🙂

  1. Hi.. Which brand / model food processor do you use?

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