Aathela Aamla | Athela Aamla| Pickled Aamla | Pickled Gooseberry

Aathela Aamla | Athela Aamla| Pickled Aamla | Pickled Gooseberry

This is once again a winter special at my home!! I remember a glass jar sitting on the kitchen window full of Aathela Aamla!! We would grab one before going to school, before going down to play, while studying, while reading… So you get the drift, right?! It was cool to eat it in school.. No chewing gums were not a rage for us.. Eating it was fun!! It still is!!
I now make the pickled Aamla (gooseberry) myself (No big deal, seriously) and my daughter enjoys it in same way!! It fills my heart with joy when Zini eats it with customary chatkhare πŸ™‚
And did I say it’s super healthy?! Full of vitamin C and good bacterias, these tangy treat is great for improving immunity and digestion!! And it’s super easy to make, just mix everything and let nature take its time, that simple!!You ought to love it…


6 Aamla – gooseberry (washed and cleaned)
2 teaspoon Salt
1/4 teaspoon Β turmeric powder
2 cups of water (make it more or less as per size of your glass jar)

Yes, that’s it.


1) Take a clean GLASS jar. (Yes, keep it in a glass jar or bottle. Empty jam bottles or coffee bottles, washed and thoroughly cleaned will do too.)
2) Now, take water in your glass jar. Add salt and turmeric powder to it. Mix well.
3) Add Cleaned aamla to it. Mix again. Close the lid and keep aside for 3-4 days.

Once the colour of the Aamla changes to yellow from green. It’s ready to be eaten!! Don’t forget to drink water immediately after eating the Aamla, it feels great!!

1) To speed up the process you can make cuts on the aamla along the lines. you can see in the image that I’ve done that. though it’s not necessary to do it.
2) If you see white white mould on the top of water, immediately replace it with new water, salt and turmeric powder mix.
3) Keep an eye on the aamla, if you see Aamla getting very soft, it’s time to do away with it.


  1. Speaking of jar, its right now its sitting near my sink. here we don't get fresh but frozen, so I just put it in haldi- salt mixture. nice memories.

    1. Oho, frozen ones!! But you are still making them πŸ™‚
      Food brings out memories!!

  2. The pickles are popular over here too but somehow the trees have disappeared, unless in the rural areas. I simply adore pickles and I know how the sour tinge with the saltiness oozes out the taste. The other thing we do is add amla into fish curry, which means there's no need for tamarind.

    1. Oh wow!! I didn't know that. They (and other trees too) are fast disappearing from cities here too. Adding Amla to fish curry is a great idea!! I've also heard of people using it in green chutney in place of lemon!!

  3. I always knew about the vitamin C but never knew about the good bacterias.
    I think I will try this out (or rather show it to wifey – as I am not so good in the kitchen)

    1. Author

      Raw Aamla doesn't have good bacteria in abundance. But when we pickle it, fermentation takes place and we get advantage of good bacteria as well.

    1. Author

      I love it and with all the health benefits it deserves a try…

  4. oh these golden amla pickles make us nostalgic of our childhood…these were probably the only salty pickles we loved as a child rest all were sweet…thanks for sharing this recipe πŸ™‚

    1. Author

      It stands true for me too!! All other favorites were sweet πŸ™‚

  5. I love this…. Whenever I go to India in this season…my mom in law prepared for me…

  6. I simply adore gooseberry pickle and murabba. Haven't tried it before but looking at your recipe I am wondering, why didn't I? Is it that simple?

    1. Author

      It really is that simple and not to forget very healthy!! Give it a try…

  7. Nice pics. I too pickle gooseberries often and fortunately, it is available here all year round.

  8. I feel nostalgic reading this too. I don't know if amla is available in this part of the world..I will be on the look out. Would love to make this.

    1. Author

      Yeah, these things do make us nostalgic…Hope you will find it there…

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