Guacamole with yogurt | Avocado Ranch Dip

Guacamole with yogurt | Avocado Ranch Dip

Believe it or not, I had never used Avocado till yesterday and now I am wondering why?! This is one of the best dip I’ve had. First time I saw this recipe on Ani’s place, it called out to me and I knew I had to make it!! For that I tried to order Avocado from my regular veggie delivery, but they didn’t have it 🙁
And my dream of making this dip remained a dream, till yesterday! Finally I got to lay my hands on these creamy fruit when I visited INA market to get some of my baking stuff and a ripe Avocado too traveled back with me to Noida..
Next day morning I started working on project Guacamole!! And here is the result!!
I won’t say anything else except, get making people!!


Guacamole with yogurt | Avocado Ranch Dip
Guacamole with yogurt | Avocado Ranch Dip


Guacamole with yogurt | Avocado Ranch Dip
Guacamole with yogurt | Avocado Ranch Dip


1 ripe Avocado
1 small onion finely cut
1 small tomato finely cut
2 tablespoon yogurt ( The recipe says greek yogurt but I had no patience and used the regular curd)
salt to taste
1 teaspoon red chili powder or hot sauce
2 garlic cloves crushed (optional)
1 teaspoon olive oil


1) Peel and remove the seed from the ripe avocado.
2) Mash it using a fork in a mixing bowl.
3) Add everything to the bowl and mix well and enjoy!!

I had some whole wheat bread dough sitting in my fridge and I decided to make some Pita chips to go with the dip.. Best decision ever!!


  1. Is it avocado season,I have seen 4 avocado recipes today itself and this guacamole is something I want to try for long,lovely clicks

    1. Author

      Yeah, i too saw some avacado recipes!! Not sure about the season though..
      Thanks Harini..

  2. Avocados are not cheap over here, so I seldom buy. But, but; I love guacamole and I'm also loving your version. I just how how heavenly it would have tasted. I can just lick it without having anything to dip.

    1. Author

      They are very costly here too, hence i was hesitant about buying them, what if we don't like it.. But finally i took a chance 🙂

  3. YUMMY AND TASTY DIP ………….Happy to follow you dear,would gr8 if you follow me back!

  4. Guacamole is always yummy with some chips to dip .Adding of yogurt give def a very diff taste .Oh yeah instead of lemon you added yogurt …Looks so good

    1. Author

      Thanks Sathya 🙂 Yes I am kind of obsessed about yogurt, if it is added to something I am sure to love it 😉

  5. I've only tried avocados in milkshake but never as guacamole, though I have heard that it tastes delicious… urs is tempting me to try in small quantity…

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