Cake banner tutorial

Cake Banner Video Tutorial

Cake Banner Video Tutorial

I am so excited to share this post with you guys!! With this post I am beginning my video tutorial series!! Hope to have many more in this series.. Wish me luck friends..

Cake banner tutorial
Peppa Pig theme cake

Some time back I did this Peppa pig themed cake for a little girl.. This little one was so sure about the design she wanted. She had already googled the design and wanted me to make a similar one for her!! No problem!! I could do it!! Or could I??

It might sound funny, while I was confident about making the neat figurines and beautiful looking cake, I was worried about the banner it had to have!! I wanted the banner to look as pretty as the cake. I wanted it to go with the colour theme. I wanted the banner to look as neat and as beautiful as my cake and the figurines!!

So I sat and thought about how to go about it and I had some breakthroughs!! I decided to use cake pop sticks but covered in pretty chocolate wrapping sheets.. That made a great difference, now it was matching the theme!!

I looked around for the “rope” and again I went to my packing material!! Used the silver tie to make the rope..

And I used my daughter’s origami papers to make the banners. So far, so good!! It was looking pretty and neat.

But I realized that if I picked up a pen or sketch pen and wrote on those paper it won’t look very neat.

And then I had the Eureka moment!! I decided to use good old fondant and its mould!! So I got some neat looking letters and I stuck them to the paper!!

Voila!! My banner was ready!!

I got requests to share a tutorial to make the banner and I promised that I will make one.. So, here it is.. A little late then promised!! Because I didn’t know that video making takes such a long time.. While recording was manageable, it was the editing that took the longest. But finally it is ready..

So premiering my Cake Banner Tutorial now.. Do check it out!!

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