Food Blogger & Cake Designer!! Lover of Cakes & Curries and all the Classy Bakes!! Adventurer & Experimenter!!

Hello! I am Pankti, owner of the food blog Cake n Curry & the Cake Design & Baking business called Classy Bakes! An Engineer by profession & a baker by passion and it shows in my bakes, where I apply my engineering skills to make magical looking cakes!!

At our kitchen, you can find cakes & cookies looking like fidget spinner & actually spinning like the real thing! Some time you may find Queen Elsa standing on a magically rotating platform surveying her snow kingdom & her cute little subjects (we are talking about Olaf)! You can even find a Lightning Mcqueen with real flashing headlights!!

Before our daughter Zini came into our lives, I wasn’t much into cooking.  What with really tight schedule and hectic work timings, I was never interested in going to kitchen leave alone trying new things. I used to hate cooking on weekdays. And on weekends I just felt like lazing around and going out…So you get the drift, right ;)

At the same time I am a big foodie and i love to eat. As a result I knew and visited many restaurants in the cities I lived in.

But After Zini started eating solids, I got really interested in cooking. I realized that if  i want to teach my daughter to eat healthy, I’ll have to do the same. I also generally insist that Zini get home-made food (upto to extent of being an OCD patient). All these led to my increased interest in cooking. I made everything that doctor & mom suggested for Zini. One of my friend gave me a cook book with recipes for babies and toddlers (by Tarla Dalal). It had some cookies and cakes recipes and i got interested in baking. So I learnt baking also.

Later on I went to a professional baking school and earned a diploma in baking and cake decorating!

Here I will be sharing my favourite recipes of cakes & Curries (and breads, and cookies and snacks and salads and soups and jam 😉 ). All of them are vegetarian recipes (Some of the Cakes include Eggs though). And as I am Gujarati and married a Punjabi, I cook food from both the states.

Also food from different states of India and street foods are our favorite, hence you will find all of it here. I learnt them from different sources, my mom (she is the biggest contributor to the list), my maasi, my grandmom, my grandfather, my MIL, my friends, some cookery shows and books and of course the omnipresent internet and various food bloggers.

I will post the recipes that worked for me and are popular in our household. I also believe that the way every person is different his/her cooking style is bound be different. And that makes cooking more interesting. So bring in your personal touch to your cooking and happy cooking to all of you…

You can mail me at techie2mom@gmail.com


  1. Hey,I'm a 'techie to mom' too and I can relate so much with you.You have a great blog and am very happy to follow u 🙂

    1. Good to see a pic of you…lovely snap 🙂 btw I would really like to know your name 🙂

    2. Thanks Reni 🙂
      My Name is Pankti.
      i think i'll ditch anonymity now and add the name to the about page as well 🙂

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