Now, you already know that I love shrikhand, you also know that i love mangoes. So how can i not love mango Shrikhand?!? I absolutely love it 🙂 and this is how i make it. This version of Shrikhand is also very nutritious (and also fattening 😉 ) Mango Shrikhand!! Ingredients: FreshRead More →

I looooooove Shrikhand, so does Zini. But i couldn’t find Amul Shrikhand in Noida, and i remembered that my maasi had recently made Shrikhand at home, so i called up my maasi to ask the recipe. This is a very easy to make dessert. Also it is very nutritious for kids (thoughRead More →

I remember my mom peeling truckloads of Gaajar , then grating them(sometimes with our help or sometimes all by herself) and then magically transform them into most amazing Gajar ka Halwa in a big big kadai!!!! And then all of us devouring that halwa, sometimes piping hot, sometimes cold. ThereRead More →

This is the healthier version of Muthiya….So in place of deep frying (like we did for methi Muthiya), here, we steam. But don’t worry, by increasing health quotient, we are not compromising on Taste quotient!!! They are equally yummy if not more… Oh and do i need to add howRead More →

One more favorite of mine. And a very nice way to eat Methi!!!! Everybody loves them, from kids to grand parents!!! Zini munches on them while playing, running, dancing, having dinner/lunch/breakfast – Basically every time, if they are available (Just like me 😉 )!!!!!They are kind of kebab or koftas,Read More →