In my before Zini days, i used to be a techie who slogged long hours in office and came back home totally exhausted. Those days i totally hated entering kitchen especially for making dinner. And in those days, i thought why can’t someone deliver some yummy, garma garam food toRead More →

Once I got the hang of cookie making, I started experimenting. And these cookies are result of one such experiment. You may remember me talking about my hubby’s cardamom aversion, hence i baked chocolate cookies for him. Inspired by the Almond Cardamom Cookies, I baked vanilla cookies for him andRead More →

For me Khaman means Vati Dal na khaman…I hardly ever had the Nylon Khaman…But Vaati Daal na Khamans were a regular feature at home 🙂 Both the variety of khaman look alike but taste very very different!!! Yes, this is called Khaman in Gujarat, am not sure why people inRead More →