I have this childhood memory of going to the Collegian restaurant with my parents and nicely place the napkin on my lap acting like a grown up and ordering my own food and enjoying our dinner together…But what i remember most from those days is the Malai Kofta…Every time we went there,Read More →

Everybody loves pizza, but it is the ultimate junk food!!! So what do we do??! The solution is to make homemade pizza and using the whole wheat pizza base. So i have been trying for some time to make a tasty home made pizza but while my family liked it,Read More →

Jalebi is a dish that is loved across India!!! So, when i saw Jalebi’s recipe in a newspaper long back, i thought it’s so easy…Why doesn’t anyone make it at home?!? Well, i tried it and came to know “Why”….Though it’s very quick to make, it’s not as easy asRead More →

Recently i went to buy a water bottle for Zini, and i saw packs of homestyle masala oats by quakers. (Yeah i can go out to buy something and come back with something else 😉 ) i thought of giving it a try and oh i loved it. So fromRead More →

Paalak (Spinach) is not very popular otherwise, but transform it into this mouth water dish and suddenly the same old, boring paalak turns very attractive…. The best thing about this healthy curry is that it is a powerhouse of iron, vitamins and protein (if using paneer (cottage cheese) or tofu).Read More →