I posted this recipe in TGND‘s post on sandwiches.As i said there, we had it at the Ice station in hyderabad and we loved it. They have a kind of open kitchen, so could see the sandwich being assembled and realized that it’s very easy to make, so made it at home and itRead More →

As i had already baked the bread, i thought of making garlic bread for Zini as she likes the garlicky flavour a lot. Garlic bread There are multiple recipes on the net and all of them are very easy to follow. I followed this one Ingredients: Bread Slices – 4 Salted ButterRead More →

Now, you already know that I love shrikhand, you also know that i love mangoes. So how can i not love mango Shrikhand?!? I absolutely love it 🙂 and this is how i make it. This version of Shrikhand is also very nutritious (and also fattening 😉 ) Mango Shrikhand!! Ingredients: FreshRead More →

I looooooove Shrikhand, so does Zini. But i couldn’t find Amul Shrikhand in Noida, and i remembered that my maasi had recently made Shrikhand at home, so i called up my maasi to ask the recipe. This is a very easy to make dessert. Also it is very nutritious for kids (thoughRead More →

I remember my mom peeling truckloads of Gaajar , then grating them(sometimes with our help or sometimes all by herself) and then magically transform them into most amazing Gajar ka Halwa in a big big kadai!!!! And then all of us devouring that halwa, sometimes piping hot, sometimes cold. ThereRead More →