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Nimbu Soda/ Fresh lime soda

Main Course – Jamke Khaye 🙂
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Indian Sweets/Desserts- Kuch Meetha ho Jaaye?!

Cakes &  Western Desserts – Madhuren Samapayen….


  1. can u tell me the recipe to make dinner rolls (pav) on gas tandoor?

    1. Author

      Sorry but I've never made pav in gas tandoor. Though it may help to know what kind of gas tandoor do you have. the simple one shaped like a deep pan without any other part and with a handle can't really make pav. But there are other gas ovens with different parts like handva no dabbo, they may be able to bake dinner rolls. I've seen cakes being baked in them but never dinner rolls. But plz confirm with the shopkeeper before buying.

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