Baking for Beginners….

Baking for Beginners….

The ever enthusiastic Visha has decided to start baking and asked me a few questions…I am honored Visha, considering that i too started baking just a year back :)In my journey of baking, i learnt a few things….I am sharing them here…This one is for you, Visha….

I have the LG Microwave Convection oven. It’s not the celebrated OTG, but for me it has worked faithfully…I am pretty much satisfied with it (except the size sometimes)….

In this oven there are 3 modes and following are the utensils that can be used in these modes. Please be carefull about the utensils in each mode. If not paid proper attention, you may end up spoiling food, Utensil and the oven itself….So before starting please pay attention to the type of utensils you are using…

Oh and don’t forget to buy a beater (manual or electric) and measuring cups and spoons….

Egg Beater – Image from here
Measuring Cups and spoons – Image from here


Don’t confuse Microwave mode with Convection (baking) mode. In microwave mode food gets cooked by microwave rays while in convection (baking) mode food gets cooked by heat coming from heating coils. Hence both the modes need different types of utensils. Please read the whole post carefully before you start baking.

1) Microwave Mode: 

What utensils to use in this mode:

Here you can use special microwave safe Plastic (some of tupperware are microwave safe – but always be sure to ask the vendor if it is really safe…) With my oven some Yellow coloured microwave safe utensil came, but i have never used them, as i am not comfortable cooking in plastic.
You can use Glassware and Chinaware (without any silver/golden design) for heating purpose. If your glassware/china has any metalic (silver/golden) design then please don’t use them in your microwave mode.
One way to check if your glassware is microwave safe is to fill it with water and put in the microwave mode on full power for 1 minute. The water should heat up, but the glassware should not. If it heats up then it is not a good idea to use this for cooking. you may use it for occasional re-heating though.
I was also told that the i should be able to use the quartz grills that i got with my oven. But i have never needed them in this mode.
I use borosil and Cornigware microwave proof utensils for cooking in this mode….You can also use Pyrex in this mode….Basically the label on the utensil should say that it is microwave safe…These 3 brands i know are microwave safe. There can be other microwave safe glassware brands also, you can ask the shop keeper before buying them…

My borosil and cornigware microwave and ovenproof bowls


This is one more bowl that i bought from Homecentre (Brand unknown) . You should check for this  information on the utensil itself or on its packaging. If nothing is mentioned then confirm with a reliable shopkeeper.
The quartz Grills that came with my oven
This is the kind of utensil you should NEVER use in microwave mode – it has golden metallic lining

I make chips, vaghareli rotli, bread crumbs, mug cakes in this mode….
You can also
-soften the hard butter/icecream (If you are like me and forget to get the butter out of fridge beforehand then this feature comes in handy)
-make ghee, (Pretty quickly)
-quickly boil potatoes (or any other vegetable), blanch tomatoes.
-dry green leafy vegetables/herbs to get dry herbs/vegetables (like Kasoori methi) – Haven’t tried this, but my book suggests that this can be done too!!!

How to cook in this mode:
In this mode you set the power and the time. In my MW oven, there are different power levels indicated by number. In some basic machines there are 3 levels high, medium and low.
You select the power level then select the time and start cooking…Once the time is over my oven gives an alarm and i take out the food…

2) Convection Mode (For baking):

What utensils to use in this mode:

This is the mode i use the most. This one is for baking cakes and breads and cookies and cupcakes….Now you know why i use this the most 🙂
Please note that not all microwaves have this option. Please confirm in manual before you start baking..
In this mode you can use metal utensils, preferably Aluminium utensils. I use my MIL’s old cooker dabbas for baking garlic rolls and pav and sometimes cakes also.

Old cooker dabbas – You can see that i bake my pao and garlic rolls in these old faithfuls…

Also in my last visit to Ahmedabad i bought a cake pan, a bread loaf pan and a few cupcake moulds all of Aluminium. I bought them from our local utensils shop (Bartan wala). Here in Noida, i bought Aluminium Ramekins for Choco Lava Cake from a shop in Indira Market. (they specialize in bakeware).

My loaf pan, a smaller cake pan, cupcake moulds and measuring cups and spoons
The Aluminium ramekins for making choco lava cake

You can also use the borosil, cornigware and pyrex oven-proof utensils in this mode. I have used my corningware glassware to bake a cake. It works alright. But prefer Aluminium as food cooks faster in it.

In absence of ramekins i have used regular steel katoris too for baking choco lava cake. Though it’s not a good idea to use it for your regular baking, as it doesn’t give nice, uniform heating of Aluminium…
Oh and the quartz Grills that i have got with my oven works in this mode too…

As i mentioned before in this mode i make,
Chocolate sponge cake
Black forest cake
Chco lava cake
Ice cream cake
Brown bread
Garlic rolls
Braided bread
Almond Cardamom Cookies
Pizza base
Pao (Dinner rolls)

How to cook in this mode:
In this mode, you have to select temperature and time. Many a times recipes ask for preheating of oven also.
In my microwave oven, for preheating, i just have to select the temperature and start. Once the set temperature is reached the oven gives and alarm and i put the food to be baked inside.

For actual baking, i set temperature and then time and then start cooking. once the time is over the oven gives an alarm. I immediately take out the food, otherwise it will keep cooking, because the oven is still hot.

3) Grill (For Grilling, obviously 🙂 )

What utensils to use in this mode:

In this mode you can make grilled sandwiches, toasts, tikkas, grilled fish etc…
I use it to make Farmhouse club sandwich, Potato Crispies, Paneer Tikka, Pasta with cheese, grilled vegetables…
In this mode, you can use all the utensils used in the Convection mode.
Most of the time i find myself using the Quartz grills (came with my oven) in this mode…

How to cook in this mode:

In this mode i just have to set time. So i set the time, put the food to be grilled in the oven and start. Once the time is over oven gives alarm. And i take out the food immediately otherwise it keeps getting grilled further…

These are a few tips for beginners…

1) While baking follow the recipe to the T (at least for the 1st time, 2nd time onwards you can experiment).

2) For baking breads: Before kneading the dough always check if the yeast is actually active. if not then please throw away this packet of yeast, buy another one. if the same thing happens again, try to use another brand of yeast. remember till your yeast is not active, you won’t be able to bake those soft bread, pizza base etc. In colder months keep the yeast water sugar mixture (and the dough) in a warm place. I preheat my oven and keep it inside.

3) If possible, don’t try a new dish for the 1st time when expecting guests or on any special occasion. You may be pressed for time and if the dish doesn’t turn out to be as per expected then you may have to depend purely on your charm to entertain your guests!!!!

4) Always smell, touch and see food in every step of cooking. This way you will know if something goes wrong at any stage. My Grandmom can smell a dish (cooked/or in the process of cooking) and tell what’s wrong with that!!! I can only tell that about the khatti meethi daal.

5) While experimenting and deviating from the recipe, try changing one thing at a time. That will help you in learning the effect of all the ingredients.

6) while baking keep an eye on food. For different ovens and bakeware the temperature and time needed for baking may vary, so first find out the time needed for your oven and bakeware and note it somewhere (or start a food blog and note it there 😉 )

And don’t worry, baking is not difficult, once you will start, you will find yourself on roll!!!
For the beginners i would suggest the Almond Cardamom cookies coz they are really easy to make and tasty to eat…And the 1st success will enhance your confidence….

Happy baking to all of you…


  1. Thanks a bunch ZM for this post…you are a darling 🙂

    I baked a sponge cake on Saturday after our discussion and it came out super yummy – dense and moist. Nothing is left over today 😀 😀 😀

    cant thank you enough 🙂

    1. so nice and useful tips mam…Thanx a lot

    2. Once I bought microwave safe glass bowls from big bazar. They told me that the bowls were microwave safe. But after cooking for about 40 minutes one of the bowls cracked.

  2. Wow! That is quiet useful for me. I baked just 1 cake till now. Maybe it is time move for next one. Are you moving from wordpress to blogspot?

    1. I thought i'll share whatever i learnt while baking…Glad it sounds useful 🙂
      I am sure you'll do great when you'll start baking.
      Yes, moved to blogspot now 🙂

  3. I can't thank you enough for taking pains and writing all this down. I baked my first sponge cake through microwave even without having any proper baking wares, and I and TBH are elated with the results. Will post a detailed account soon :). I never knew microwave can give such delightful results, all thanks goes to you this time.

    1. Hey Leshita, i have never made sandwich in convection mode. I normally make it in grill mode. and i use grill. In absence of grill you can use Aluminium plate, but then i think it will be good to flip the sandwich after one side is done.

  4. hello sir , thanks.
    i just want to know about how to preheat a microwave oven b4 baking.
    and i also want to know while baking in silicon baking cups, directly in oven i should put silicon baking cups or on which i should put them.
    as u have shown here a quartz Grill , i have also this type of quartz Grill. what is the use of this.

    1. Leshita Plz no sir for me :), anyways i am a woman (but no madam also, if you are thinking of calling me that)!!
      If you have a microwave oven then for preheating you have to select the temperature and then just start without giving any time. the oven will give you indication (mine gives alarm) that it's preheated once it reaches the temperature you set. i'll add this to the post 🙂
      You can put the silicon baking cups directly or you can put them on the quartz grill, but plz careful when you are moving them, coz they are not very stable.
      You can use the grill as a stand in the convection (baking) and grill mode. You can directly put your food (like sandwiches, tikkis – basically solid and firm food) on the grill, but then don't forget to keep a tray below to collect the food/oil/marinade dropping from the grill.
      As i have indicated in the Point 3 about grill mode, i use the quartz grills for making sandwiches.
      Oh and i use them to cool my baked goodies once they come out of the oven 🙂

  5. Pierce potatoes using a fork or knife.
    Then Put in a microwave safe utensil with little water in it.
    Microwave on high for 7-10 mins (time depends on the size of potato).

    1. I personally don't use nonstick cookware as i am not sure about it's effect on the health. You can use your nonstick tava in the convection mode of the oven if it doesn't have plastic handle.
      But i would not recommend using non-stick. Try to use steel, Aluminium or proper bakeware or even Silicon baking sheet in place of that if possible.

  6. heyyy hai thanks for this info..really very useful to me as i hav bought a MW WITH CONVECTION 21LTS FRM LG … N WAS WANTING TO KNOW ALL THESE …just wanted to know waht u use to grill ..i mean i hav got the same stands as u hav shown in the pic 1 short for baking n the long for grilling… but can u place tyhe food directly on the stand or do we hav to use any tray…doesnt the smalle things like small paneer cube fall of ??pls reply…

    1. Hey Sandhya, glad to be of help 🙂
      Most of the times i use grill for sandwiches and potato crispies. I make the paneer tikka in a baking tray only and i am satisfied with that.
      Though in a book i saw it being made on the grill. I assume that for making paneer tikkas on this kind of grill, you will have to keep your paneer pieces a bit bigger, so that they don't fall off.
      Also there are special stands available with rods in market. You can buy that and use that for grilling paneer cubes (or any such small things) if you are planning to grill loads of stuff.
      All the best 🙂

  7. heyyy thanks for the quick reply.. hav bought som aluminium tryas will try grilling in that.u mean that u make paneer tikkas in convection mode..also wanted to know how safe it is to use the silicon moulds..n can it be used in grill modes.also do u place ur sandwiches directly on the long quartz grill ..if possible can u post it with pic when u make it next tim to how u place itdirectlyy on the quartz grill ..well too many questions n som silly too but hope u answer them as well ..really thanks 1ce again for ue quick reply 🙂

    1. i make paneer tikka in grill mode only, but i use aluminum tray in place of the quartz grill to place my tikkas.
      Next time i'll make sandwiches, will try to updated the pics 🙂
      I've never used silicon moulds, so i am not too sure. But i did some google search on them as they look pretty attractive and i was tempted to buy them. It seems that there is not enough scientific research done on effect of using silicon utensils in baking. So i decided to play safe and opted for more conventional aluminum bake ware. i am not sure how helpful this answer is, but this is what i know 🙂

  8. thanks for the quick reply… can we use silicon moulds in al the modes except MW.. i mean how safe it is to use

  9. heyy thanks again for the prompt reply…there was some peoblem with the net the day i posted my Q … n i cudnt see it here so again posted the query regarding the silicon moulds…even i hav googled n found it to be safe but still not comfortable using that even thou i hav seen many big chefs using that in cookery shows 🙂

    1. glad to be of help Sandhya 🙂
      Let me know how your baking and grilling sessions are going 🙂

    2. hai am here again..n need ur help.baked acake eggless1 as we dont eat eggs .. everything was fine ..the textute softness taste except that it cracked in the centre n a bit stciky too ..i baked at 180 degrees n followed the recipe exactly .. n used the small rack .. what mite be the reason ..pls need ur help ..i used a heart shaped aluminium baking tin

    3. Hey Sandhya..
      As i am not sure about the recipe you used, i am going to guess that stickiness was due to less baking time. Due to difference in ovens and the types of baking pans the time needed to bake the cake may vary. You can next time check by inserting a toothpick in the center to see if the cake is properly baked. If the toothpick comes out clean then your cake is baked.
      I won't worry too much about the cracked top if the taste and texture are ok. You can try using a bigger or a regular shaped pan next time to see if it cracks. If it still cracks and you really mind serving such a cake then you can shave off the top and then do icing to make it look pretty.

  10. thanks again for the quick reply dear.. i followed the recipe frm a blog n exactly including the time i.e baked for 40 mins ..i googled too for the same n found that it mite be due to the tin being small .. will try using my reguar round tin the next time also found that it mite b due to oven being too hot but as the recipe said i baked for 40 mins at 180 deg ..n the stickiness was in the centre itself on the edges it was fine .. what can be don if the oven is hotttt i mean we hav to bake at given temp only .. any solution for that .. can i keep it directly on the turntable rather than on the stand

    1. You can definitely keep the cake tin on the turn table. and also do the toothpick test in the center before taking the cake out.
      All the best…Let me know how it turned out with your regular baking tin.

  11. sorry for the late reply Shashi, i have been keeping busy lately..
    it is safe to use aluminum foil in the convection and grill mode. But don't use it in microwave mode.

  12. aftr exprmntng a lot wid cakes i made cupcakes….doz wer jus amazing….i cldnt evn blv dey wer so soft n spongy..i hv made dem in paper cups which r generly usd to have tea n coffee n baked for 30 mins……bt today again when i made cake in my borosil rectangular bowl…agin d previous results repeatd…evrythng z ok…but d cake iz nt swllng as it shld swell.n d inner area of d cake remains muddy a lil bit.what should i do?plz help.

  13. aftr exprmntng a lot wid cakes i made cupcakes….doz wer jus amazing….i cldnt evn blv dey wer so soft n spongy..i hv made dem in paper cups which r generly usd to have tea n coffee n baked for 30 mins……bt today again when i made cake in my borosil rectangular bowl…agin d previous results repeatd…evrythng z ok…but d cake iz nt swllng as it shld swell.n d inner area of d cake remains muddy a lil bit.what should i do?plz help.

  14. hello mam its adyasha from odisha….after doing lots of experiments wid cakes finally i made cupcakes.n doz wer amazng…i hav baked dem in general coffe paper cups….i cldnt even blv doz wer so soft n spongy…but today when i made a cake in my borosil bowl,it remained d same showd d previous was baked but muddy woz not so soft…it woz sticky….mam why is my cake remains a lil bit sticky inside..plz help.

    1. Hey Adyasha, if your are planing to bake cakes frequently, i would suggest that you buy aluminum baking utensil preferably of circle shape.
      If you want to continue baking in borosil then reduce the baking temperature and bake for little longer.
      Once your sides get cooked then, however long you bake the cake, it will remain uncooked in the center while the sides will get burnt.
      So, reduce the temperature and bake for little longer time. All the best.

  15. Can we use silicon moulds in convection mode

    1. Author

      Yes you can use them in convection mode…Though i don't generally use it…

  16. Can I use aluminium bowl for baking cake in convection+microwave mode??? i have a combination mode in my oven and am new to baking…plz help me…waiting for ur reply 🙂

    1. Author

      No. In combination mode u can't use the aluminum vessels. if u use aluminum vessels in this mode then the microwaves may spoil your vessel and of course food.
      You can use aluminum in convection mode or grill mode.
      In combination mode you can use something that is microwave safe as well as oven safe. A Pyrex or cornigware May work in combination mode

  17. What would you recommend to bake pizza? I placed mine directly on the microwave plate but not happy with result as it remained soggy!

    1. Author

      Hey Laraa sorry for delay in the reply, I was travelling last week.. I am assuming that you made the base in convection mode. Can you plz tell me about the temperature and time setting? alternatively you can check out my pizza base recipe from the recipe index page..

  18. hi pnkti,i m puja. A lots of my cnfusions r solved.again i wnt to be sure that in my smsng mw can i use any type of aluminum utnsil for baking cake at cnvction mode.if some risk is here?

    1. Author

      Hey Puja, good to know the post was helpful.
      Yes, in convection mode you can use the Aluminum utensils.
      If you microwave supports combination of microwave and covection then be careful about it. In combination mode you should use the utensils that are safe in both modes.

  19. hi pnkti,i m puja. A lots of my cnfusions r solved.again i wnt to be sure that in my smsng mw can i use any type of aluminum utnsil for baking cake at cnvction mode.if some risk is here?

    1. thnx pnkti,tel me can i use steel utensils for baking cake in mw cnvction.nd kya steel
      ke brtn me cake bdiya bnta h.

    2. Author

      Yes you can do it occasionaly for small things, but if you are planning to bake frequently I suggest you buy proper baking ware. In steel vessel the cake may remain uncooked at some points as it doesn't distribute the heat evenly..

  20. Hii pankti, I read ur blog it is too helpful
    I want to know that how can I use my pre heat function n after that convection mode how b used?

    1. Author

      Hey Deepshikha, sorry for the late reply, I was on a break.
      Pre heat function ensures that the food to be baked gets uniform heat throughout. So as I have mentioned in the post, you should first select temperature and then start preheating. But in case you don't have such an option available then you can invest in a good baking/cooking thermometer to ensure that your oven gets heated upto the temperature of baking and put your food in to get baked. Once your oven gets preheated, you have to select convection mode temperature and then time and then start baking.

  21. Hi,
    Can you please suggest me the oven which will be the best for home? After reading ur post, i want to know the model u r using.

    1. Author

      Hey, I personally use LG microwave convection oven. I find it good.

    1. Author

      Hey Navdeepti, sorry for the late reply, i was on a break. you can make a cake in microwave mode. But the texture, taste and feel of the cake will be different than the convection mode cake. Also the recipe for making a cake in microwave mode may be different than that for a regular convection mode cake.

  22. Hey can u plz tell me if quartz grills r safe to b used in micro+grill mode? My cookbook suggests that this combination is possible but I m very confused how? As grill stand can't b used in micro mode.

    1. Author

      Hey Rajni, sorry for the late reply. Quartz grills can be used in microwave mode. But before using plz ensure that they are indeed quartz grills and not stainless steel. If it is steel then don't use it in microwave mode.

  23. Hello..I am new to baking,grilling etc..Ur post is really helpful..I wish to try grilled chicken..I have an IFB oven with convection and grill modes..I also have the quartz grills which came with my oven..yesterday i tried grilling..I kept a marinated leg piece to grill, for 10 mins..lots of liquid started coming out frm the piece and started burning on the base (Had a tough time cleaning it )..The chicken din get cook also properly..then i changed it to micro+grill mode again for 10 got cooked,but the texture was not din look like a grilled piece..I was wondering where I'm going wrong..Is it the time..should I keep it for longer time?Or the mode..the liquid thing which came out is normal?all this doubts because i was doing for the first time..kindly help me out so that i can start experimenting more with my oven..Thanks in Advance

    1. Author

      Hi, I am a vegetarian and have never cooked chicken so I have never faced this problem. But still here are my 2 cents from my experience of making paneer tikka: if you feel that your marination is dripping down, then put your tikkas in a baking tray. for the problem of uncooked chicken, you may try and pre cook it and then grill. Or alternatively you can cook your chicken in convection mode (baking mode) of your oven till it cooks to perfection and to get the charred feel, grill it once it get cooked thoroughly.

  24. Hey hi…i baked cake in borosil at 180° it got cookd nly outside bt in centre it was liquidy…if u can plz help me …baked for almost an hr…

    1. Author

      Hey Divya,
      This may happen if your oven got over heated, or the baking tin wasn't round or it was too small for the batter. To avoid such a problem plz follow the following points:
      1) reduce the temperature of the oven and increase the baking time.
      2) Keep a rose nail in the center of your baking tin if not using a circular tin or the tin is a bit small. This is how a rose nail looks like :
      hope this helps..

  25. Have small query abt makin cupcake…i ve 30lt capacity oven n my muffin tray fits exactly…so wen bakin cupcake should d tray rotate fr even bakin n should i keep d tray on turntable or rack

    1. Author

      it is supposed to rotate, if it doesn't then you should not use it in your current mw oven. you can keep your baking tray, tin on the middle rack.

  26. Hi pankti, thanks for this details its really served as a wonderful solution for many doubts..can suggest any tips for baking in ifb 20pg3s MW oven.. Like preheating, cooking time and temprature.. Please

    1. Author

      Hi. I assume you know your oven now.. Thanks for commenting.. Happy baking.

  27. do we need to keep the baking pan on low rack?

  28. Sir, is the glass turntable supplied with the oven is safe for grill or convection cooking ? Shall I have to remove this while cooking in the grill / convection mode

    1. Author

      Whoa!! Why Sir?! Pankti is the name.. also known as techie2mom.. keep glass turntable. glass is safe in all the modes..

  29. Hii pankti…awesum blog n tips u share r very helpful too..recently i have bought electrolux microwave with low medium high types …i want to bake cake other than sponge pls help n guide me…coz im jus getting confusd with it…n wat type of utensil cn i use..coz in booklet it said no i use paper cups in it..pls do share easy cake recipe..thnxxx a lot in adv.

    1. Author

      Details in the post.. recipe links in the post. please read..

  30. hai,im new to this site. i read this .it is very useful to me.thank u

  31. Hi, I am using convection machine.Many times I tried to bake a cake but every time it was too hard to eat :(. I am using borosil baking glass bowl for it . Please tell me why its happening. Can we put glass bowl on low rack while baking?

    1. Author

      change the recipe. or maybye your baking soda/powder is off. its not because of the glass. though you may get faster baking with aluminium.

  32. Hi techie2mom, i tried multiple times to make pizza in my lg convection microwave but didn't get the desired result. I used to preheat the oven at 210 or 220 degree and when it beeps I put my pizza base with all the toppings on it in microwave and then again press start (in convection mode) for 15-20 mins but never get the desired result. Please advise.

    1. Author

      you can check out my pizza base recipe. let me know if you have any doubts then..

  33. Pankthi….Avery useful post..I am a very beginner of baking and Could you tell me where to keep the cake mould with mix in the oven, on the rotating glass or on the grills that are in the picture you provided?

    1. Author

      low grill.. middle rack.. hope you know it by now.. happy baking.

  34. I'm going to try the convection mode for the 1st time. . Is the microwave turntable dish safe to use in all modes?

  35. Hiii Pankti….

    Your advices are really good nd recipes too. I want to know that can i use Stainless Steel utencils for baking in my convection oven. I dont have baking pans . I have LG microwa convection oven….which also comes with grill mode.

    Please reply soon. It's urgent.

    1. Author

      details in the post.. more details in my choco lava cake post.. please go through them.

  36. Here I was searching and searching for what kinda utensils I can use in convection mode…and this result pops up in google.i was wondering If I could use stainless steel plates fot making kerala egg puffs..and you say we can use aluminium… just saved me lots of money. We have an indian kitchen and aluminium utensils are in plenty.thank you so much

  37. Hi.I have got 2 quartz grill with my LG microwave.One is low and other one is high.But for baking cookies and cakes it is most of the time advised to use middle rack.Please suggest which grill you use for cookies, cakes and bread

  38. Hi plz let me know i am also new to baking, can v put aluminium baking tray or even grill on the glass of mw. Everything is to be done only by putting on that glass base na?

    1. Author

      keep glass as it is, use smaller of tray. i guess you know by now.

  39. hi, i am shital and i read your post. its relay helpful. my question is.. what is difference between coco powder and chocolate powder? during making cake when should add this ?

    1. Author

      cocoa powder for baking. chocolate powder – never used it. but i guess cadbury sells it for hot chocolate making. may read the labels to see the difference.

  40. Nice post. Very informative and precise. Will keep coming back.

  41. Can I bake in grill mode?my microwave allows the use of metal pans in grill mode.It also has combination micro-grill mode.I tried baking a pizza base in combi mode, that is half cooking done in microwave mode and half in grilled mode.The pizza base turned out soft and puffy in 10 minutes. Now I want to know, can I bake cakes and pastries in the same way?

  42. Can I bake in grill mode?my microwave allows the use of metal pans in grill mode.It also has combination micro-grill mode.I tried baking a pizza base in combi mode, that is half cooking done in microwave mode and half in grilled mode.The pizza base turned out soft and puffy in 10 minutes. Now I want to know, can I bake cakes and pastries in the same way?

    1. Author

      never use metal when you are going to use microwave mode. even if it is a combination of microwave and grill. you can use glass in this case. but not metal. please stop if you are doing it..

  43. Hi i have a query can i place my baking tray pizza tray cake tins directly on the turn table given in my oven or do i need to use the grill stand to place the tray

  44. Hello pankti i have a query that is it necessary to use grill or convection stand while baking in convection mode… if i want to bake a cake or bread can i directly place it in microwave or i have to keep it on stand only

  45. Hello pankti….is it necessary to use grill stand in convection mode for baking cakes or breads ?? Aur can we directly place our baking tray or dish in microwave without stand and bake

    1. Author

      good idea to put on the middle rack.. i.e. smaller of the grill stand.

  46. Hi…ur blog is very useful for beginneers…and the main thing u replied each and every comments…can u pls tell me what type of food can be cooked in combination mode…
    I m using that i have microwave grill convention and combination mode…2 grill stand…is there any particular purpose of using taller and smaller grill stand…can i use the grill stand in convention mode for fish fry…..

    I saw some of ur cake recipes…how many days we can store it in room temperature… R refrigeration is must…

    1. Author

      i have listed the foods to be cooked in each mode.. i guess by now you know too.. happy baking..

  47. Hii can we bake cake or pizaa in grill /combo oven?

    1. Author

      you have to have a convection mode. only microw and grill modes wont work. i guess you know that by now..

  48. hello sir i am using IKON IK-9210 model 12litre convection oven(one glass bowl model). I want to know what are the vessels and bowls etc are used in the oven. pls guide me.

    1. Author

      Hey, you use utensils as per your oven modes.. pl refer to the post. i guess by now you know your oven..

  49. Hai…I love ur infos..I had this doubt..can we use aluminium tray for baking in conv mode in croma microwave..after reading your article o am happy I dint waste my money..but one more doubt I tried to use non stick black metal plate in grill mode nothing happened..dint even hot..and do we need to remove that rotating glass plate while baking or using grill stand? Let me knw at what mode need to remove that rotating plate..thank u

    1. Author

      glass is safe.. not sure about the non stick junk.. never used that kinda stuff in my oven..

  50. plzz help me! I bought a Panasonic microwave!It has 3 mode micropower,grill and combination! I am so confused! If I make cookies and cakes… which mode should I use? and whice utensil? plz reply!

    1. Author

      Hi. I assume you know your oven now.. Thanks for commenting.. Happy baking.

  51. Thanx a lot for this information mam. U made things easier for me

  52. I have use non stick tawa in microwave mods. …..I cooked rawa dosa but in the next turn because of tawa big size and a little wrong placing it get touched with microwave wall and I saw sparking. The size of the as well as wall of microwave have damaged a I am never going to use that non stick tawa in microwave. Why the company gives that tawa I am confused.please help.

  53. I have use non stick tawa in microwave mods. …..I cooked rawa dosa but in the next turn because of tawa big size and a little wrong placing it get touched with microwave wall and I saw sparking. The size of the as well as wall of microwave have damaged a I am never going to use that non stick tawa in microwave. Why the company gives that tawa I am confused.please help.

    1. Author

      Thank you. I am not really sure about the purpose of the tawa.. It might be a baking tray? Hi. I assume you know it by now.. Thanks for commenting.. Happy baking.

  54. Hi..i am glad to find your post. Infact more than happy. I have never used a microwave but my kids want me to cook pizzas n cakes etc. So hubby gifted me IFB microwave with convection n grill modes too. Now my priblem is i just dont know how to clean n care n cook in it. Plus we dont eat even egg.. Pls help.

    1. Author

      Hi. I assume you know your oven now.. Thanks for commenting.. Happy baking. Let me know if you still have some doubts.

  55. Hey dear can we use aluminum foil cups for cake baking in convection mode….which we are using during travel for food

    1. Author

      Yup. If they are completely aluminium then you can do it..

  56. There are silicon moulds available in the market to bake cup cakes and muffins … Rubber like material … Can those be used in convection mode ?

    1. Author

      Please read my thoughts on silicone bakeware above in the comments and in the post.

  57. Can we use silicon moulds for muffins and cupcakes at convection mode ? These are readily available in the market in different colours but don't know whether safe to use or not?

    1. Author

      Please read my thought on silicone bakeware in comments above and in the post

  58. Hi dear,
    Can you tell me about turnable glass plate?
    Can it be used in all 3 modes?

  59. Very good blog, my microwave/convection oven also came with a quartz grill, it had plastic tips on the corners of the legs that soon became lost, and I used it just the same (for microwaving and convection cooking and both), and since it came with the oven I thought it would be fine, recently I moved and the legs became a little bent and when I used the grill it started arching around the bottom of the legs, (they say sharp corners in metal cause arcing), do you know of any workarounds for arching corners of legs on quartz grills, (new grills with special tips on the legs cost $34.00)?

  60. Hi can I used aluminium container to bake cake in microwave in convection mode at Wahab degree .for how long

    1. Author

      You can use aluminium in convection. time and temperature to be as per the recipe.

  61. Very nice article. Since a long time i have this doubt, plz help. My microwave has Grill/Convection mode and Microwave +Convection mode. On which mode should i bake my cakes and cupcakes? And also wanted to know the difference between convection and ( microwave+convection) mode

    1. Author

      baking is always on convection.. In convection mode the element gets heated and through convection heat reaches food. In microwave mode, the microwave causes vibration in the liquid resulting in heat generation.

  62. HV a Samsung microwave smart oven.Plz tell me at what temperature and fr what time I can use silicon-cupcake tray in convection mode and can I put it directly on turntable?

    1. Author

      Hi, i assume you may have found the answer by now. but still here are my 2 cents.. please see my thoughts on silicone bakeware above in comment and in the post. You should keep the silicone bakeware on a tray for the ease of transferring it around.

  63. Hiiiiiii , , , , jst simply , ur post were tooooooooooo usefulll , , u contain each n every questn that come into d mind of beginners , , god bless uu

  64. Hi please guide me which mode to select while making microwave mug cakes

  65. Wow!!! Thank you so much Pankti..this was very informative, in fact, to the last detail. I wanted to know if I could use my usual borosil bowls for baking, but I got to know a lot lot more. Also that the usual aluminium pans used in cooker be used, this is a revelation! You made my day. Thank you once again!!

  66. can we use non stick tawa for baking buiscats in convention oven..??

  67. Author

    Hi.. I assume that by this time you may have bought it.. but still, any basic microwave oven can make microwave mug cakes. for real proper cakes and other bakes you need convection mode wala oven.

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