Color me black….

Color me black….

Priya has this innovative event called “Color me …” where she chooses colors and we submit pictures!!! I found it fun…So here are my entries for color me black event, Priya 🙂

Something small, something round and something black – Black Pepper, black gram, a small brinjal, Mustard seeds !!!


Carrots – Black, red, black, red, black!!!



  1. T2M, I knew you would come up with something different. But never thought abt Black Carrots (Because I was ignorant of their existence!). I guess you will come up with a recipe as unique as they are to use them 🙂
    On another note, unfortunately, I post only one pic per blog in the round up. I will take the carrot pic as I dont think not many pple know abt them. I love the first pic too!

  2. I didn't even knew black carrots do exist until I saw them on your blog… Very interesting dear 🙂

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