The Click Happy Group | Let’s improve our food photos together!!

The Click Happy Group | Let’s improve our food photos together!!

Have you ever looked at the blogs with amazing food photos and wondered how can I take such photos? I have done that a lot!! Then I told myself that I don’t have a fancy DSLR camera to take amazing photos!! But then I came across some blogs where photos were mouthwatering but they were taken using – hold your breath – a mobile phone camera!!And that just opened my eyes!! I realized that though my ordinary, compact, point and shoot Sony Cybershot digital camera had its limitation, it can still take better pictures than what I was making!! So till I buy the fancy camera I decided to improve on my photography skills. And then started the journey to improve my food photos.

But over the time I’ve realized that sometimes it becomes difficult to look at your work objectively, you get biased towards your work and can’t really tell what’s wrong with your image. That’s when you need honest friends to give you HONEST feedback.

And we at the Click Happy group are aiming to do just that!! We are a group of friends who have come together to improve our food photos. We are no professionals or experts but we all share passion to improve our photos. We believe that there are no bad photographers, just the photographers who are learning. We believe in sharing our knowledge, learning together and giving our honest feedback to our other Click Happy friends and we do it politely!!

On the 15th of every month, I would do a roundup of the images shared with photos, links and the feedback given by the group member on my  blog.

If you too want to join us on this journey of learning please join our Facebook group or drop me a mail at Non bloggers are welcome too.

In case you don’t want to join the facebook group, you can just link to this page and insert the logo in your post. I’ll upload the photo in the group and see what Click Happy group has to say about your photo and include the comments in the roundup along with the image and link.

Rules for the event:
1) Please share the light position, light type (natural, tungsten, fluorescent, daylight lamps) and type of camera used. That helps in giving the feedback.
2) Please use the logo and insert a link to this post when sending a photo to this event.

Click happy group
The Click Happy group

And before signing off, I want to share some tips about a very basic thing that helps in improving food photos immensely – Lighting!! You change your lighting and the same setup starts looking differently!! Here are my tips,

1) Always try to use natural light. If you are cooking something for dinner than save some of it and take the photo next day in daylight. But don’t take your photos in direct sunlight. It gives very harsh photos. Try to diffuse the light using a shear white curtain, white saree, white dupatta, umbrella or white translucent paper. Or take pictures in a shaded but well lit by natural light, area. I generally take my photos in a room where I get ample light during day. I turn off all the artificial lights and take my pictures there.
2) Turn the on camera flash off. It ruins the photos.
3) If it’s impossible for you to take photos during day then, keep in mind to never mix two type of lights, i.e. daylight and florescent light. Always use one type of light source. If you want more light than use the same type of lights.

That’s it!! Happy Clicking!!


    1. Author

      Thanks Swathi, would love to have you on Click happy!!

  1. Thanks for sharing this info on food photography. Very informative. I have learnt "not" to use the flash while taking food photographs.

    1. Author

      You are welcome Shobha 🙂 We are sharing a lot more info in the group!! Would love to have you there..

  2. Will try my best to contribute once I can find the time. Great idea of sharing our shots and tips on how to take great pics.

    1. Author

      We can benefit a lot from your participation Nava!! The idea is to get different point of views on an image so that we can improve our next image!! Would wait for you 🙂

  3. I too dont own a DSLR, thats a nice post Pankti! 🙂 I always end up cooking something good for night n it so happens that I have to make use of flash n it just ruins the pic! 🙁

    1. Author

      If possible save some of it and take pics next day during daytime. Also if you are taking pics at night, use your regular light and turn the flash off. You can later use image processing tool to fill light.. We are discussing this and some more at the facebook group..

    1. Author

      Thanks Rashi, yes added you to the group, welcome and start sharing photos and knowledge 🙂 You yourself take great photos, would love to know how you go about it..

  4. thats a great event Pankti.. wil try to be a part of it.. do visit my space..n drop ur feedback abt my photos .. til i share ..pls..

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